is a word from the Hawaiian Culture, and like many things from Hawaii it cannot easily be defined, but we have two concepts of Ohana that really inspire us…

 1a) Friends, Family & Community - We moved to Maui, met awesome people and explored one of the most beautiful places on earth. But when it came down to it, we were missing something.  Our Ohana.  Being back in Colorado has allowed us to be closer to our Ohana. We are especially thankful to be part of the Steamboat Springs, CO, community, they have supported us along this amazing journey and helped us establish our dream business.  As we grow we will never forget all this support!

1b) Guest House - There are so many awesome ways to explain what this means to us. Our store is our "guest house" we welcome everyone to come by, say hi, and just hang out.  We usually have some beverages in the back and love to catch up with, and be inspired by, all of our friends and future friends.  Secondly, we pride ourselves on being more than just an "apparel company", screen printing is an amazing medium and we love to be able to share our designs on household and other creative items. 

Oh, and by the way: That is us up top, Luke and Emily Dudley, Ohana is the business we started, but we didn't do it alone, we have had tons of help from our Ohana! You know who you are, so thank you!